Gostaresh Tejarat Tire Holding started in 2012 to import and supply tires from reputable international brands. We rely on our experienced and professional personnel and overcome many challenges to create the necessary infrastructure for success. We managed to be a big player in tire supply and become the representative of the industry giants like GOODYEAR, WESTLAKE and TIANLI. Achievements that are in line with our main goal, which is providing standard and safe tires for our customers, also providing after-sales service and valid warranty for customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our main priority is research and utilizing the reviews of the industry’s experts. And our mission is to bring the best variety of tires with today’s standards to fulfil the needs of the domestic market, as well as to educate and create accurate technical content for the consumers.

Supply Chain

Our timely and convenient supply chain has played a big part in our company’s expansion and building trust. We have been increasing our sales representatives consistently all over the country to provide quick access to the retailers and facilitate service and inventory in nearly any part of the country. Thanks to this growing and vast supply network, we are able to assure customers while guaranteeing the authenticity of the tires. 

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