Technical Support Services

Gostaresh Tejarat Tire Middle East Co. is proud to provide technical services to mining and road construction companies alongside supplying various kinds of tires. We want our customers to choose the most suitable tire according to their working conditions and specific needs. So by utilising these services, companies can purchase the best and most optimal tires and use the maximum performance of the tires with the solutions provided to them in periodic visits. A summary of our technical services is as follows.

Technical advice before buying tires

Even the best quality tires, if used in unsuitable conditions other than what they’re intended, lose their efficiency and deliver poor performance. For example, the environment of each mine is different in terms of weather, type of minerals, condition of roads, work shifts, load cycles and type of machinery. Thus, each workspace and operation scenario requires special tires that are compatible with that particular condition.

Therefore, our technical experts check all the parameters that affect the tire’s performance in your work environment. Then with a detailed analysis of load cycles by GPS and TKPH measurement for your mine, they select the best type of tires in terms of safety, durability, and efficiency.

Monitoring tire installation and warranty verification

Most of the damage to mining tires occurs at the installation stage. So, Gostaresh Tejarat Tire Middle East Co. technical experts will assist you during the process to ensure the correct implementation of all the necessary steps. Such as moving, rimming, adjusting proper air pressure, etc. And also, we provide required guidance and training to your corresponding personnel and operators.

Periodical visits during tire use

As a part of our technical support, we offer periodic visits to inspect your used tires every 3 months. In these tests, the amount of erosion of the tread and wind pressure is measured to detect any unusual damage to the tire. Then we inform our clients with a comprehensive report of the underlying causes and provide them with solutions to prevent or reduce the damage. In order to increase the accuracy of the report, the customer is expected to provide our technical experts with the required information such as the working hours of the tires or the time to change the axis of a tire.

Ongoing contact with manufacturers for customer satisfaction

Gostaresh Tejarat Tire Middle East Co. as the official representative of GOODYEAR, WESTLAKE and TIANLI brands in Iran, is committed to provide customers with the necessary training and technical information. Also, we constantly send our customers’ feedback and reports to the manufacturers regarding the quality and efficiency of tires in different conditions. In other words, we proudly put down our best effort to improve the services provided to Iranian companies.