West Lake is one of the most reliable tire brands in China under the umbrella of ZC Rubber Company. They have been operating since 1958 and currently have achieved the first rank of tire production in China and the 10th rank among the 75 largest tire manufacturers in the world.

Utilizing the modern equipment and the vast knowledge and experience of Korean and Japanese experts, West Lake has designed and produced all kinds of tires. From passenger cars, trucks, and buses to mining, road construction and agriculture heavy-duty vehicles. The amazing performance of Westlake tires and its high production standard have made it used in many European and American countries in addition to meeting the domestic needs of China.

In Iran, Gastresh Tejarat Tire Company operates as an exclusive agent for sales and after-sales services of Westlake tires. This company hopes to gain the satisfaction of the consumers by relying on the background and experiences of the managers, the ability of the professional team of their employees and providing the best services to the consumers.


Warranty conditions

All Westlake tires are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of production, free of defects caused by the entire production process in the factory. Damaged tires must be examined by experts approved by ZC RUBBER. If the cause of the damage is determined to be related to the production process in the factory, the company is obliged to pay the tire damage in proportion to the percentage of the remaining tread.

⦁ Tires whose warranty has not been activated through a representative with a signature stamp or whose serial number has been tampered with.
⦁ Tires whose tread depth is less than 1.6 mm or more than 5 years have passed since their production date.
⦁ Damages caused by improper use of tires, including non-original rims, underinflated, overinflated, carrying more than capacity and improper tire repair.
⦁ Damages are caused by technical defects of the car (suspension system, front brakes and brakes) or unprincipled driving (brake or severe and repeated steering).
⦁ Damages are caused by accidents, collision of the tire with sharp objects or contact with oil and chemicals.

How to activate the service card

With this card, you can activate the after-sales service for up to 4 tires. It just requires to follow these two steps at the time of purchase:
The warranty card must be stamped, signed and completed by the athorized sales representative and delivered to the customer.
A copy of the warranty card must be sent by the representative to the Gostaresh Tejarat Tire Middle East Co