Choosing the right tire

The most important thing when buying a tire is choosing the right size. On the side of each one, there are some codes that represent the size and the capabilities of that tire:


  • P195 / 60R16 63H M + S
  • Letter P – tire type
  • ۱۹۵- tire width in length in millimetres
  • ۶۵ – The ratio of lateral dimensions against the width
  • Letter R – radial structure
  • ۱۵ – Edge diameter based on inches
  • ۹۴ – tire load rating
  • Letter H – Tire speed rating
  • Letter M + S – tire suitable for driving in all seasons


If the tire code starts with LT instead of P indicates that the tire is compatible with lightweight trucks. The other attribute is the tire’s speed. This one corresponds to heat reduction or tire tolerance against heating up while speeding. And usually the tire rotation speed is somewhat between 99 to 186 miles per hour.


E-MARK or European Union standard mark


Like our beloved country Iran, most countries have regulatory organizations that provide, review and control the necessary and sufficient standards for the supply of various products. Compilation of motor vehicle standards is also a resposibility of these organizations. The Department of Transportation of the United States or DOT is an American version of such organizations.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)


They are responsible for creating and developing many national standards for automobiles and their consumable parts throughout America. In Europe, due to the increase of urban, inter-urban and even inter-country travel, these standards are marked with E on the product’s body. Inserting this symbol on the body and specifications of the following products shows that they have the European Union’s necessary standards.


۱- Vehicles such as passenger cars and motorcycles or heavier ones like buses, trucks, trailers, construction, mining and agriculture vehicles.

۲- Products include: lamps, tires, wheels, brakes, horns, car seat belts, airbags, anti-theft equipment, car windows, exhaust pipes, ignition systems, fuel, etc.

۳- Accessories of all products in clauses 1 and 2

۴- Automotive electrical parts and products


E-Mark certification procedure


In this process the products will be evaluated by the EU’s competent organizations and institutions. And according to the same standards, each country guarantees its E-Mark based on the criteria and the table below. Products from all over the world with any of these symbols, are accepted by the European Union and are allowed to enter the European countries soil.


  • Germany E1
  • France E2
  • Italy E3
  • Netherlands E4
  • Sweden E5
  • Belgium E6
  • Hungary E7
  • Czech Republic E8
  • Spain E9
  • Yugoslavia E10
  • England E11
  • Austria E12
  • Luxembourg E13
  • Switzerland E14
  • Norway E16
  • Finland E17
  • Denmark E18
  • Romania E19
  • Poland E20
  • Orange E21
  • Russia E22
  • Greece E23
  • Croatia E25
  • Sloaney E26
  • Slovakia E27
  • Belarus E28
  • Estonia E29
  • Bosnia E31
  • Turkey E37


Normaly you can find the aformentioned codes on the wall of the tire’s body indicating the country that issued this standard for the manufactured product. In addition to this set there are two other digits that represent the laws and tests that approved the rubber to obtain the required standard. Also the tires that pass the sound test will be marked with the letter S along this mark.


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